FD Özel Sayı

Folklora Doğru Special Edition / Özel Sayı



İçindekiler/ Contents
Theme 1: Traditional Dance and its Historical Sources
Egil Bakka The Polka Before and After Polka 3
Theresa J. Buckland Between Pictures, Words and Memory: Constructing Past Dances 18
Grazyna W. Dabrowska Traditional Dances and their Historical Sources in Poland 27
Fahriye Dinçer Alevi Semahs in Historical Perspective 32
Catherine Foley Irısh Traditional Step-dance in Historical Perspective: Tradition, Identity and Popular Culture 43
Georgiana Gore Present Texts, Past Voices: The Formation of Contemporary Represantations of West African Dances 56
Anna Ilieva Historical-typological Aproach to the Study of Traditional Dance Culture 67
Adrienne L. Kaeppler Moments in the history of Tongan Dances from Captain Cook to the 80th Birthday of King TAUFA`AHAU TUPOU IV 73
Bruce Koepke Contemporary Dance History of Afghanistan: the Interplay of Traditions, Religion and Politics 92
Maria Koutsouba Understanding synchrony Through Diachrony 101
Mohd Anis Md Nor Between Myth and History: Reconstructing Traditional Dances in Southeast Asia 115
Andriy Nahachewsky Once Again: On the Concept of “Second Existence Folk Dance” 125
Mats Nilsson Dances of Yesterday- dancing Today The Example of Swedish Polska 144
Dorothy Noyes Cultivating Memory in Catalan Calendar Custom 151
Anna Shturbanova Historical and Typological Aspect in the Study of The Horo Dance in Northwestern Bulgaria 166
Barbara Sparti Traditional Dance in Renaissance And Baroque Italy (1455-1630) 171
Daniela Stavelova Traditional Czech Dancing in Historical Perspective 188
Judy Van Zile Korean Dance Terminology: Politics and Words 198
Theme 2: Creative Processes in Dance: Improvisation and Composition
Ramazan H. Bogdani Albanian Folk Dancing: Improvisation and Individuality 215
Zamfir Dejeu L’improvisation dans le Complexe Syncretique ‘Danse Traditionnelle’ 224
Elsie Ivancich Dunin Dancing in the Crossroads by the Skopje Roma during St. George’s Day 244
Helene E. Eriksen An Intimate Look at Improvisation 255
Anca Giurchescu Interpreting a Dancer’s Discourse on Improvisation 259
Christine Glauser Dance Improvisation in Eratira, Northern Greece 275
Frank Hall Creativity in Irish Step-Dancing: Rewards and Dangers 289
Zhenja Khachatryan The Armenian Sources of Treatment by Dance 300
Naira Kilichyan Clap Dances: The Stage Version 305
Dariusz Kubinowski The Kinesthetic Understanding as a Methodological Cetegory in the Reconstruction of Traditional Dance 309
Kari Margrete Okstad Improvisation and Composition in Old Couple Dance from Norway 315
Mehmet Öcal Özbilgin Differences of Creative Prcesses in Local Communities on Stage with the Example Of Aegeon Region Zeybek Dances 323
Jürgen Torp Tango: Improvisation in a Couple dance 330
Iva Niemcic Report on Current Activities of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research and Sword Dance Research in Croatia 339


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