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    The Story of A Journey is the expression of stories that we listened to and lived through dance and music.
    This story becomes meaningful with the experiences of Aunt Bayzar, Brother Alil, Dobrilla, Sister Rukiye and Aunt Meryem whom we met in Diyarbakir and Skopje. We heard the same prayers from different believers, for instance, listened to an exile or an immigration story and yearned together, watched weddings, danced halay and oro... These stories sometimes touched each other, sometimes diverged and at times came together. So this journey is the story of making peace, where different narrations meet and greet us.
    The journey starts in Diyarbakir, continues in Skopje, and we imagine that both sides meet, dance and play music together at the final scene. Through this scene, we come to realize that this imaginary ending is not a distant dream, but is alive and close to us like our own shadows.

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